Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What is Cookie?

Cookie is something which is sent from a website to a web browser for keeping information whether a user is visiting a website or not. Cookies help us to understand the number of users visiting a webpage by which we can determine how often a particular page of our website is visited and which is the most popular part of our website. A Cookie is placed at the hard-drive of a computer to understand the interest of the user about our sites. It cannot identify one’s personality and cannot keep any personal information;it can only provide the information by which we can improve our services to our users.
Cookies are basically used in websites for ensuring the smoothness and increasing the number of users in our websites. Whenever you will visit our site a cookie will placed on your computer or mobile which you can disable anytime through your browser settings. Disabling our cookie sessions may prevent you in using different accessing and other tools of our website.

What cookies do

Cookie provides a user friendly environment to our users. Cookie can store passwords, forms, credit card numbers, and addresses whenever you log in a website. It keeps the record so that you don’t have to re-enter the password or form when you are accessing it again. We provide the services which is easily accessible, useable and reliable to you, and for that cookies are needed to keep the information from the user. Also a Cookie tracks the information of the user’s interest that in which sites you are giving the most interests, in which advertisement you are spending your time which helps us to improve our websites and increase our visitors. They help us to measure the effective advertisement which we will advert in our sites, and we can share the information of user’s interests about the advertisement to our parties.

Cookies used in websites

Cookie policies have the following sections which performs different tasks such as-

Session cookies – It remain in your computer or mobile while you are using our website and when you exit from our browser the session cookie gets deleted. A session cookie is created when manually any time limit is not given in cookies. It exists in a temporary memory only when the user is browsing or using a site.

Persistent cookies – Persistent cookies last in a user’s device until the cookie get deleted manually from the website. It can have a maximum of 1 year lifetime. Persistent cookies record the information every time a user is visiting the website in its lifetime. Persistent cookie helps the website to know how a person initially starts browsing the website.

Third-party cookie -Third-party cookies are belong to another website which is different from the website you are visiting. If anyone wants to advertise about their product through our website it helps to know that how much time the user is spending in the advertisement. We can also advertise our product and services through another website and third-party cookie helps to keep that information that how much users are visiting our advert and that can help to enhance ouradvertisement.

Cookies Security Issues

Cookies are secure in case that it cannot install or carry viruses, malwares etc. Cookie store in a computer in the format of a small text files. Security exposures may allow a hacker to read the cookies which is depend upon the security that is used by the website and the user’s web browser and if the cookie is encrypted or not. Cookies cannot harm your computer by any privacy issue or do not harm any of the information you are storing in your hard-drive or do not take any of your personal information’s.

How to manage Cookies

You can control getting cookies in your computer or devices. Basically most internet browsers are automatically accepting cookies as they are initially setup in the browser. But there are various ways are present to prevent cookies from coming in your computer.  Different Browsers have different methods for allowing or disabling the cookie such as

Mozilla Firefox 
You have to go to the TOOLS option of the browser, and then you have to go the OPTION and select your options for enabling and disabling the cookie sessions.

Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
Click on TOOLS of internet browser, then go to INTERNET OPTIONS and click on the PRIVACY option. Privacy level medium or low will ensure that your cookie session is enabling and above medium will prevent coming cookies in your computer.

Google Chrome
Go to the TOOLS and the click on UNDER THE HOOD tab and then you have to locate the PRIVACY option and then select the button CONTENT SETTINGS. Now to allow cookie session you have select ALLOW LOCAL DATA TO BE SET or to disable you to cancel the allowance.

Go to the COG option of your browser and then select PREFERENCES, then click SECURITY, in security you will get options for BLOCK THIRD_PARTY AND ADVERTISING COOKIES, now you have to click that box for preventing the cookies and if you want to allow then don’t click on the box and then click on SAVE.
But disabling cookies may cause some effect such as you may not be able to get some of the personalized information’s from the websites whose cookie you have disabled. To know more about Cookies you may visit

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